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Climate Locator How-To

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- Detailed
- Complete Report

Need a custom climate report? Check out our Custom map and data page.


Climate Locator

Combining the best of PRISM data sets with the latest map server technology, the Climate Locator allows you to access climate tables for any location in the Country. It's almost as if there were a weather station every mile for the entire United States!

Our data are so accurate; it's like having instant access to a climate station wherever you need it, whether it is a remote mountain location, a farm site on the plains, or an urban office building.

Whatever your location is the Climate Locator can help you make better decisions and increase your productivity. You'll get the answers you need in seconds knowing what weather to expect in advance which will strengthen your planning for a specific location. Save time and money by putting the climate locator to work for you.

What can I use the Climate Locator for?

  • Business Intelligence
  • Construction
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Relocation
  • Consumer Product Sales
  • Direct Marketing
  • Environmental Studies
  • Film & TV Location
  • Urban planning
  • Travel & Event Planning

Try out our online Climate Locator demo of the San Francisco Bay Area with pre selected neighborhood locations or download a Google Earth version to your desktop.

To find out more about the Climate Locator read our how-to guide or contact us.