December 2016


Happy Holidays from all us at the Climate Source.

The end of the year marks an important milestone for us.


When we started out sixteen years ago, internet as a new way of doing business was just getting started. Map based software applications on smart phones did not exist! You needed professional software and a printer to make a map at your desktop computer. Finding consistent, high quality spatial data sets to make a map was not an easy proposition. Our goal was to change that, and we did.


Since those early days, the evolution of the internet and the market for data sets have changed many times. As we reviewed the newest landscape, it was clear to us that our time as a company had come to end.

As of February 1st, 2017, the Climate Source is shutting down.


If you have purchased the data sets from us in the past, you are welcome

to keep and use those data sets. PRISM remains the source for the highest quality climate data. For questions about PRISM based data sets please visit the PRISM Climate Group at Oregon State University via their website:


For our customers of our iOS apps, those will no longer work as February 1st. We made every attempt possible to keep those apps working without us, but it was not possible.


If you have questions that we can answer about the shutdown, please email

us at until February 1st

We would like to thank our clients, customers, family and friends who have supported us on this long journey. We have learned so much along the way and it would have not been possible without you.




Danny Shapiro

Director of Operations

Climate Source, Inc.